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How to Get Resisting Arrest Charges Dropped in Texas

If you have never been arrested before, having a police officer physically move you around can be a frustrating and stressful experience. Being arrested is not an experience many people anticipate, so very few people have an idea of what will happen or what it will feel like. It often creates a feeling of helplessness that causes intense frustration and anger. As a result, many people struggle to find some way to regain control of the situation. Police officers will often interpret this as resisting arrest even if you still fully intended to comply with their demands.

Samuel M. Gardner is an experienced criminal lawyer in Houston, TX who can fight your charge of resisting arrest as well as the original charges that led to your arrest. He is well known in the Texas legal system for his commitment to clients and exemplary legal skills.

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Resisting Arrest & Defense Strategies

It is possible to be accused of resisting arrest even if you had no intention of doing so, some reasons people are charged with this offense include:

  • Lying about your identity
  • Going limp and forcing an officer to drag or carry you
  • Preventing an officer from arresting the person they were planning to apprehend
  • Physically resisting an officer in any way

If it can be proved that the officer used excessive force during the arrest or that the arrest itself was unlawful, acting in self-defense can be a valid legal defense. The circumstances of the arrest will determine what defense options are available.

The most common strategies to defend against resisting arrest charges include:

  • You acted in self-defense
  • You were falsely accused
  • You had no intention of resisting arrest
  • Misconduct on behalf of law enforcement

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Resisting arrest is a very serious charge. Even a simple offense, like a traffic stop violation, can be made much worse if resisting arrest is added to the charges. Thankfully, a skilled attorney can usually find a way to get this charge dropped if there is a way to demonstrate you had no intention of resisting.

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