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Assault in Texas is one of the most frequently misunderstood criminal charges. Unlike many states, Texas incorporates both assault and battery charges in a singular assault charge, meaning there is no separate charge for battery. You can be charged with assault for threatening a person even if you never physically touched them.

Ignorance of the law is not a defense, but that does not mean that you are necessarily guilty of assault either. Contact Samuel M. Gardner Attorney at Law to speak with a knowledgeable assault and battery lawyer in Houston. Mr. Gardner can help you understand the law and what can be done to defend your innocence.

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Defining Assault in Texas

In many states, assault is defined as an act that threatens physical harm, while battery is the actual physical touching that results in harm. In Texas, both of these offenses are combined in one charge of assault.

You can be charged with assault if you:

  • Caused bodily injury to a person or they spouse intentionally or through reckless behavior
  • Knowingly threatened a person or their spouse with physical harm
  • Physically touched a person knowing it would cause them significant discomfort

Like most criminal offenses, you can be charged with different levels of assault. Therefore, it is important to get legal defense from a Houston assault & battery lawyer. For example, a minor fist fight with a stranger is usually classified as a misdemeanor whereas an assault that involved a weapon is called aggravated assault and charged as a felony. Likewise, any assault against a public servant is considered aggravated assault and will be charged as a felony.

We Want to Hear Your Side of the Story

In these types of cases, there are usually two parties telling two different versions of the same story. Most people tend to sympathize with the alleged victims, which can make the situation all the more frustrating for the accused. You deserve to have your chance of the story told. Schedule an appointment with Samuel Gardner, who will carefully listen to your side of things and can help you explore your options for defense.

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  • Dismissed Accused of Assault Bodily Injury
  • Dismissed Accused of Assault Bodily Injury / Injury to Public Servant
  • Jury Trial / Not Guilty Accused of Assault Family Member
  • Jury Trial / Mistrial / Dismissed Accused of Assault Family Member
  • Dismissed Accused of Assault Family Member
  • Jury Trial / Not Guilty Accused of Evading Arrest
  • Jury Trial / Not Guilty Accused of Felony Evading Arrest
  • Dismissed Accused of Forgery Government Financial Instrument
  • Dismissed Accused of Injury to Elderly
  • Dismissed Accused of Possession of a Controlled Substance 28-200g

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