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In Texas, any act that physically harms a family member or makes them feel threatened can be charged as domestic violence. Beyond family members, a person can also be arrested for domestic violence if they enact these behaviors against a romantic partner or roommate.

Samuel M. Gardner has represented many clients accused of abuse through the course of his career as a Houston domestic violence lawyer. He has seen firsthand how traumatic and frustrating these experiences are for all parties involved and is committed to helping his clients defend their rights and achieve as positive an outcome as possible. The sooner you start planning your legal strategy, the better prepared you will be for your first court hearing.

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Examples of Domestic Violence

Many charges of domestic violence are brought as a result of exaggerated statements, false accusations, and even misunderstandings. The mere accusation of domestic violence can seriously damage your reputation, and many people are sympathetic to the victim’s without hearing out the other side. It is important to realize that as dire as your case may seem, it is not over yet.

Domestic violence charges can include any of the following:

Restraining Orders

Restraining orders are frequently ordered in accusations of domestic violence even before someone is convicted. You would not be able to return to your home, see your children, or be in contact with the other party until the case is resolved or the restraining order is lifted. As difficult as this may be, it can also work to your advantage. Any arguments or words exchanged before the trial could be used against you.

It is vital that you comply with any restraining order filed against you, no matter the circumstances, as violating a restraining order is a crime itself.

You Will Have a Chance to Tell Your Story

The law entitles anyone accused of a crime with a chance to tell their side of the story. Simply trying to explain your situation to the police or a judge is not a good idea as even seemingly innocent statements could further incriminate you. Samuel M. Gardner knows how to present an argument that the prosecution can’t poke holes in. He can provide you with dedicated representation, working to get your charges reduced or dismissed entirely.

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  • Jury Trial / Not Guilty Accused of Assault Family Member
  • Jury Trial / Mistrial / Dismissed Accused of Assault Family Member
  • Dismissed Accused of Assault Family Member
  • Jury Trial / Not Guilty Accused of Evading Arrest
  • Jury Trial / Not Guilty Accused of Felony Evading Arrest
  • Dismissed Accused of Forgery Government Financial Instrument
  • Dismissed Accused of Injury to Elderly
  • Dismissed Accused of Possession of a Controlled Substance 28-200g

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