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Arson is a crime which involves setting fire to any type of property or land. The prosecution must prove that a fire was set intentionally, through carelessness, or with malice to secure a conviction. They will be working to investigate your charges thoroughly to prove you were at fault for the fire. Samuel M. Gardner Attorney at Law works tirelessly to find any details and evidence that will benefit his clients. Whether you set a fire without thinking about the consequences or were simply another victim of a fire that went out of control, Mr. Gardner can help you tell your side of the story in court.

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Understanding Your Arson Charges

When it comes to arson charges, typically the other side must be able to prove that the fire was set with unlawful intent or that you were on the property without permission at the time of the event. Charges can range in severity depending on the extent of the fire damage and whether or not anyone was injured. The sooner you retain a Houston arson attorney and begin your defense, the better.

Arson charges include a wide range of circumstances, such as:

  • Burning down someone's personal property
  • Destroying a structure or dwelling with fire
  • Burning a structure while committing another crime
  • Behaving carelessly and setting a fire as a result

Hire an Arson Defense Lawyer in Houston

The first step towards protecting your rights and future is hiring exceptional legal defense. An aggressive litigator with comprehensive knowledge of Texas Law, Samuel M. Gardner can provide you with the experienced representation you need.

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