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A criminal record reflects any criminal arrests, charges, and convictions you may have accumulated over the course of your life. This record can have a devastating impact on your future, even if you were released or received a “not-guilty” verdict. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for an old charge or conviction to regulate your employment options, living situations, and even loan opportunities.

It’s easy to feel helpless if you’re being judged by the circumstances of your past rather than the quality of your character. Luckily, you may be able to file a Petition for Expunction. Expunction, or expungement, is a legal process that erases certain charges and convictions from your criminal record. Legally, it’s as if the incident or crime never occurred.

Your future doesn’t have to be defined by your past mistakes. Contact Samuel M. Gardner Attorney at Law if you’re interested in filing a Petition for Expunction. Our experienced Houston expunction attorney can offer you knowledgeable legal counsel and quality representation.

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Expunction Eligibility in Texas

Once you submit your Petition for Expunction, the court will review your case and decide whether to grant you an Order for Expunction. Unfortunately, most convictions can’t be removed from a criminal record per Texas law. However, you may be able to remove information about past arrests and charges.

In certain circumstances, the court won’t grant expunctions even to eligible candidates. You’re going to need the services of an experienced lawyer who can represent your case and help you file your petition.

Your record may be eligible for expunction if:

  • Charges weren’t filed after the arrest
  • Your criminal charge was dismissed
  • You were found innocent after the fact
  • Your crime constitutes a juvenile misdemeanor
  • You were acquitted by the trial court or the Criminal Court of Appeals
  • The conviction was pardoned by the Governor of Texas or the U.S. President

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Retaining the services of an experienced and capable attorney is the best way to clean up your criminal record. Call Samuel M. Gardner Attorney at Law if you’re ready to set your life back on track. Our Houston expunction attorney has the skills and resources to represent your case and help you file your Petition for Expunction.

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  • Jury Trial / Not Guilty Accused of Evading Arrest
  • Dismissed Accused of Theft $1500 – $20,000
  • Motion to Suppress Granted / Dismissed Accused of Possession of Marijuana
  • Jury Trial / Not Guilty Accused of Assault Family Member
  • Dismissed Accused of Possession of a Prohibited Weapon

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