Being charged with a crime is a difficult situation to handle for anyone. Depending on your circumstances, you may be aware of an investigation prior to arrest or it may come as a surprise. In either case, don’t answer any questions that are presented at the time of your arrest. Instead, ask for your attorney. A qualified criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the laws in Houston will be the best asset you have to fight against a criminal charge.

Samuel M. Gardner is a Houston-based attorney whose practice is dedicated to criminal defense. Whether you face a misdemeanor or felony criminal charge, Mr. Gardner is dedicated to providing you tireless legal representation to ensure your rights are protected and your case receives the best outcome possible in your situation.

He ensures that all his clients are in an open dialogue with him and his assistants so that all case matters can be handled efficiently. Understanding is the key to making sure a client can make the most informed decisions, and Mr. Gardner is personally available to clients so they understand all aspects of a case before it progresses. His history of successful dismissals includes misdemeanors and felonies of all kinds.


I take the time to personally get to know my clients, understanding that every persons situation is different and should be handled according to that clients needs.

my primary goal is to get my clients case dismissed

Each and every case is handled with care and concern because he knows that finding an attorney to handle your case effectively and efficiently as well as get the best result possible is a very difficult and stressful decision. He distinguishes himself as an attorney by fighting for his clients at all costs and working tirelessly for their cause. As a solo practitioner, he knows that a large part of his business comes from client referrals, so it is his hope that when he gets the best possible outcome for his clients, his business will continue to be successful!


Pleading is a last resort, my primary goal is to get my clients case dismissed

Case Results

Accused of Evading arrest

Jury trial / not guilty

Accused of Theft $1500 – $20,000

Case Results / Dismissed

Accused of Possession of marijuana

Case Results / Motion to suppress granted, case dismissed

Accused of Assault family member

Jury trial / not guilty

Accused of Possession of a prohibited weapon

Case Results / Dismissed

Hard Working

The impact and potential consequences of my clients legal situation is something I take seriously.

Client Testimonials

"Mr. Gardner worked my case for 6 months. He did everything he could and even a little more! He didn't give up and he fought for me. He was willing to do anything it took to get my case dismissed even it included taking it to trial. He got the CASE DISMISSED through all his hard work."

Houston, TX

Drugs & Narcotics
Domestic Violence
Burglary & Theft
Assault & Battery