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Know Your Rights After an Arrest

In Texas, you don’t even have to be engaged in a physical fight to be charged with assault. Making sexual advances or excitedly grabbing someone’s wrist can carry consequences. Since assault is a criminal charge linked to violence, the crime is taken very seriously by the judicial system, even if the action seemed harmless to you.

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Classifications of Misdemeanor Assault

If someone was engaged in a minor conflict (that is, no injuries occurred that the courts would deem “serious”), the charge would depend on the situation. You can only be arrested at the crime scene for misdemeanor assault if a police officer is present and witnesses the crime. Special exceptions are made in the event of domestic violence. If an officer is not in attendance, the defendant will be summoned to court or subject to an arrest warrant.

There are three classifications of misdemeanor assault in Texas:

  • Class C – The Texas Penal Code defines a Class C misdemeanor as “intentionally or knowingly causing physical conduct with another when the person knows or should reasonably believe the other will regard the contact as offensive or provocative.” This means that brushing up against someone during an altercation, laying a hand on their arm, or sexual advances could all lead to a Class C minor assault charge. Class C’s are also given to defendants if the victim seriously believed they were in physical harm based on the threats made by the defendant.
  • Class B – If the threats were made against a sports official, the charge is elevated to Class B. Likewise, if an assault was made in retaliation for a sports-related incident, the crime is usually considered a Class B misdemeanor.
  • Class A. Class A misdemeanors are usually physical altercations that result in minor injuries. Bodily injury is a very broad term and includes any physical pain the plaintiff experiences. There doesn’t have to be any physical evidence of the altercation. The plaintiff doesn’t have to bear bruises, scrapes, or swelling to get a conviction, as long as there is some proof linking the assault to pain. Physical threats against seniors are also considered Class A offenses.

Learn the Penalties- Make Informed Decisions

If you have just been charged with assault, call a lawyer immediately. Even misdemeanors can result in jail time: Class A misdemeanors have maximum penalties of one year in prison and fines up to $4,000. In many cases, a prosecutor will offer a plea deal where you will only have to pay a fine if you plead guilty. This is still not an ideal outcome. Having an assault on your permanent criminal record is far worse than a fine.

Houston criminal defense lawyer Samuel M. Gardner can review your case and help you sort through all the possible options. His goal is to educate clients on their charges and the consequences so they can make informed decisions for their future.

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